Tarring complete!

After a huge push to tar the mill before winter approaches, it is now complete having finished the weatherboarding. Using ropes and a ladder, the tar was applied over a period of roughly one week with each face taking approximately one day to complete. As with the brick base the amount of tar used was surprisingly high with approximately 18 litres used in total for the weatherboarding, adding up to 35 litres to cover the entire mill. Again, a 4-inch roller was used with a small brush for nooks and crannies. On the northerly faces a wire brush was first used to remove any loose tree sap and other debris.

WNW face complete WNW face complete N face in progress N face complete S face in progress S face complete ENE face in progress S face complete, WSW face in progress WSW face complete ESE face in progress ESE face complete Tarring complete

Now the whole mill looks black again and is ready for the winter.

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